Monday, September 28, 2015

Famous Pashto Film Actor Jahangir Khan mobile numbers

The biggest star of Pashto movie Jahangir Khan Jani mobile numbers are see in below of this post. Jahangir Khan Jani one of the most famous actor in Pashto film industry, he play any type rolls in films, he also have the biggest market of Pashto tele films and dramas, he only one expensive actor in CD market and every month release a lots of Jahangir Khan Jani Pashto tele films and dramas.

You want to call them and message them, then find Jahangir Khan Jani mobiles numbers are below, and also share with your friends and comments on this post.

You can also find Gul Panra, Dil Raj, Nadia Gul mobile numbers in there.

Pashto famous singer Dil Raj mobile numbers

Hey brothers and sisters! Today I'll share with you the famous and youngest Pashto singer Dil Raj mobile number and her assistant mobile number. Dil Raj one of the most famous singer and she is very beautiful face and her voice is heart touching. She sing a lots of heart touching songs and also some famous songs she sings for Pashto movies.

She born in Karachi and she also live in this city with her family. Nazia Iqbal is aunt of Dil Raj and she train Dil Raj for singing and she support her.

See below the beautiful and young singer Dil Raj mobile number and her assistant mobile number.

  • Dil Raj mobile number: 0311-9519084
  • Dil Raj's assistant mobile number: 0333-8624901

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